outdoor swimming - ask the expert

Join me as I discuss some important questions with experts in their field. Sometimes it's good to get the facts behind the claims!

what to wear outdoor swimming + when to get out with Dr Heather Massey

Deciding what to wear and knowing when to get out are key questions for outdoor swimmers. I swim with Dr Heather Massey, senior lecturer and researcher in the Extreme Environments Laboratory at Portsmouth University, to talk about the effect of cold water on our bodies. We discuss what happens to the body when we enter cold water, cold shock, what to wear, hypothermia signs and symptoms, swim failure, how to have a safe swim, fitness swimming outdoors, shivering and rewarming.

Cold water immersion: kill or cure: More info here

outdoor swimming and the risk of skin cancer with Dr Stephen Hayes

Dermatology educator Dr Stephen Hayes and I discuss outdoor swimming and the risk of skin cancer. He explains what skin cancer is, who is most at risk, what to look for in others and how to protect and monitor yourself. We look at melanoma, basal cell cancer and squamous cell cancer. A couple of myths also get busted!