changing robes reviews & information

Here you will find reviews of changing robes, advice on how to find one that suits your needs and tips for using a changing robe for getting changed!

what are waterproof changing robes for under £90 like?

There is so much choice when it come to changing robes that I thought I'd check out what waterproof changing robes for under £90 are like. I review the Charlie McLeod short sleeve Sports Cloak, Frostfire's Moonwrap Waterproof Changing Robe Short Sleeve and Lomo Watersport's Zipped Full Sleeve Changing Robe. I look at their individual features, compare their fit and check if they fit into a tow float.

*the prices quoted in the video are correct as of November 2020 on the individual manufacturer's websites.

I borrowed the Charlie McLeod Sports Cloak from a friend, and both Lomo Watersport and Frostfire sent me their changing robe for this video, to be given away in a free draw in a future video.

smoc smoc vs fourth element vs rapanui: eco changing robe comparison

This is an eco-friendly changing robe comparison of smoc smoc changing smoc, Fourth Element Storm Poncho and Rapanui Surf Towel. Eco-friendly in their production method, fabric technology or in that they don't shed micro-fibres into the environment when used or washed. I check out their individual features, their fit, their sizing and test whether they will fit into a tow-float.

Thank you to Fourth Element, Rapanui and smoc smoc for supporting this video.

dryrobe vs Charlie McLeod vs Red vs SmocSmoc

There are plenty of changing robes on the market but I thought I’d take a look at these 4: dryrobe, Charlie McLeod, Red, SmocSmoc. Here I try them all for size, look at their individual features and check whether they will fit in my Zone 3 safety buoy tow float and if it can be closed.

For clarity, I own the dryrobe, borrowed the Red from a friend, smocsmoc sent me one to test and return and Charlie McLeod sent me one to test and keep afterwards.

gorilla robe vs red original vs sittingsuit

The changing robe market is expanding really quickly and there is a huge choice, let's take a look at gorilla robe waterproof, red original pro change, Sittingsuit and gorilla robe recycled. I check out the features of each one, and whether they fit in my 28L Zone 3 tow float dry bag. I was sent the changing robes and asked to review them by the 3 companies.

dryrobe vs vivida vs snugmud sustainable changing robe

Comparing three sustainable changing robes: dryrobe advance, Vivda all weather puffer dry changing robe and the snugmud eco change robe. It's great to see innovations in the changing robe market with an emphasis on sustainability. I review the robes in a side-by-side comparison looking at features, look and feel, sustainability, size and my tow float stuff test.

Disclaimer: dryrobe and Vivida sent me a changing robe to test and keep afterwards and snugmud sent me one to test and return.

changing robe information:

how to choose a changing robe?

Choosing a changing robe there are a number of factors to consider. Here I look at the difference between the dryrobe Advance and Decathlon's Olaian Surf Poncho. I have been using the dryrobe Advance for a while which is at the top end of the market for expense and quality , so I test out the cheapest high street competitor I could find. Check out how I get on.

the dark art of getting changed in a changing robe

Getting changed in a changing robe is not as easy as it might at first seem. There's certainly a technique to using a dryrobe or smocsmoc or charlie mcleod or swimzi to best effect. These are my 10 tips for a warm and speedy change.

How to decide if you need a changing robe?

Outdoor swimming is a simple activity, but there's a lot of kit you could get. Here we look at how to decide if you need a changing robe, including alternative options.

How to look after your changing robe?

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a dryrobe, a Vivida, a smocsmoc, a red original or any other changing robe what will make it last is how you look after it. Let’s look at how to look after your changing robe, how and when to clean it and what to do if it it’s waterproof coating stops working properly.