outdoor swimming footwear reviews & information

barefoot or shoes for outdoor swimming?

The decision to swim barefoot or with footwear is down to personal choice. My swimming footwear collection stands at 4. I select which one to where or whether to go barefoot depending on what kind of swimming I'm going to do, the location and how much my feet are likely to be in contact with the ground through the adventure.

how to remove wetsuit boots or socks - 4 ways

Join me for a swim in the River Great Ouse as I share 4 ways to remove wetsuit boots. I joined members of the flOUSEies for a Sunday afternoon swim at Great Barford. I enjoyed meeting 5 other swimmers and check out one of their most popular swim spots.

how to choose wetsuit boots for swimming

There are plenty of neoprene booties on the market, let's take a look at how to choose wetsuit boots for swimming. I'll be using my c-skins legend and Lomo Tri-X swim socks to explain what I look for when buying wetsuit boots. First we look at their features, then I test them with the Lomo swim sock on my left foot and the C-Skins boot on my right foot. I do a side by side comparison of swimming in them in the company of some huge boats.