wild Swimming Adventures

Anglesey mini swim adventures

In between working locally I took the opportunity to go on some mini swimmy adventures on Anglesey. I had a night swim which included a kit malfunction at Porth Tyn Tywyn and discovered a deserted beach with a bit of natural company at Traeth Gwyn. I couldn't resist a peep at the night location in daylight so popped back to check it out.

Swimmy adventure in Alesund, Norway

I happened to have a couple of hours spare after work so I went on a mini swimmy adventure in Alesund, Norway. I took a decent walk up to the Fjellstua viewpoint to get my bearings then went off in search of a beautiful swim spot which was safe for me to swim alone. It was a great way to experience a town I was visiting for the first time.

In the video I mentioned that I was using the RYA SafeTrx app to ensure that someone knew where I was swimming and would be alerted if I had over run on the length of time I would be swimming. This gave me peace of mind that I had a virtual guardian angel.

Swan herding swim adventure

A Sunday swim with swans is all the more fun with a friend. We start in the dark, wallow in nature and experience an epic thunderous event.

Adventures with online swim friends

As I've been travelling for work this week, I took the opportunity of meeting online swim friends. It was nice to catch people in the evenings and to break up my long car journeys. I swam in a lido in Matlock with some of the trustees from BlueTonic; dipped in Ullswater with Siobhan; explored waterfalls near Onich, Fort William and Glen Coe; swam in the sea at Lower Largo with Amy and her group Swans of a Beach; and had a micro-adventure swimming in a river with Mary Ann Rogers in Northumberland. Thank you to everyone, I had a cracking time!

Swimming in the Freshwater Bay caves Isle of Wight

We went by RIB boat for an afternoon of exploring by swimming in the caves of Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight. We rode past the Needles and got a beautiful view of the iconic stacks. We took our cocker spaniel puppy Cookie and had a splendid time swimming through tunnels, arches and into huge caves. It would have been accessible to swim or paddleboard to from Freshwater beach too. A lovely accessible exploration spot! I had a practice with my dome port for the swimming footage, it gave some good results, but I learned a few useful things, which I share at the end.

We swam Durdle Door to Lulworth Cove via Stair Hole

I went for a trip to the Dorset Coast with my swim buddy Sarah and we swam Durdle Door to Lulworth Cove via Man O'War Cove and Stair Hole. This is probably the most famous stretch of the Jurassic Coast and an absolutely belting swim.

after work swim adventure

On a sunny Sunday we had an after work swim adventure. Having not swum in that river before, it was a bit of a safari, we spotted kingfishers, dragonflies, people in their pants, it was all happening! Love discovering a new spot. Special thanks to the advice from a fellow swimmer who was about to bike home after her early-morning dip, it turned out to be a cracker or a circular swim.

Swim? Definitely!

Some of my favourite swims have been a result of being opportunistic when asked 'swim'? and replying 'definitely'! I go through what kit I always have in my car so I can take advantage of the moment. Being ready for action and happy to give it a go is great for a surprise mini-adventure.

Is this a new winter swim spot?

With so much rain recently I thought I'd walk to a somewhere I'd spotted on a map that was off the beaten track and looked promising. Come with me on a little adventure as I take a walk in the New Forest to test a new winter swim spot. A fun solo activity when fun has been in short supply recently!

Christmas swim with a cheeky surprise

Here's how my Christmas Day started - memorable is one word for it. Also met some fellow swimmers who offered me a warm mince pie. Nom nom nom.

searching for a colourful sunrise swim

Join me searching for a colourful sunrise swim. Figuring out when the beautiful colours show was half of the game, but I got there in the end. Top tip: get up earlier than you think is necessary!

River Wharfe swoosh: outdoor swimming

At breakfast in my B&B I spotted a FaceBook event: River Wharfe Sunday morning swoosh. I looked at my watch, checked google maps, gobbled down my full English, threw my bags in the car and took off. I was met by Caroline and Lee-Ann and we trotted down to the river bank. The water was very high and fast, but we scouted the whole swim from the bank and decided to go for it. WHAT A TREAT!

swimming in the dark with strangers!

Ever up for a micro adventure, I decided to go swimming in the dark with strangers. I signed up to an event with FaceBook group The Dales Dippers to swim in a waterfall at night. Janet's Foss is a waterfall on Goredale Beck near Malham and was the site for this mysterious bestdipever - meeting internet friends and making new friends.

One thing that is great about swimming with other people is you get to check out their swim kit. I usually get changed on a pebbly beach, or switch my footwear when back at the car, so with conditions which were muddier underfoot than my usual spots, I was really impressed with Stu's Swim Feral Turtleback Bag which has a waterproof bottom and an integrated insulated changing mat.

Loch Lubnaig dook (dip) with the Wild West Swimmers

Loch Lubnaig proved a fantastic place for a dook or dip when everywhere else was raging torrents and floods. The Wild West Swimmers showed me their regular spot and Veronica shared her tea with me afterwards - what an angel!

5 tips for swimming in Dubrovnik

My 5 tips for swimming in Dubrovnik are ones that I have concluded during a short break in the city with non-swimmers staying in Lapad. The swims in the video are at Sunset Beach, Lapad; Kolorina Beach near Pile Gate; Main Beach, Lokrum Island.